The 25 Riskiest Cities for Offshore Outsourcing in 2010

  1. Karachi, Pakistan
  2. Medellin, Colombia
  3. Juarez, Mexico
  4. Cali, Columbia
  5. Tijuana, Mexico
  6. Lahore, Pakistan
  7. Jakarta, Indonesia
  8. Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  10. Chittagong, Bangladesh
  11. Amman, Jordan
  12. Khulna, Bangladesh
  13. Faisalabad, Pakistan
  14. Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  15. Port-au-Prince Haiti
  16. Managua, Nicaragua
  17. Chihuahua, Mexico
  18. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  19. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  20. Bandung, Indonesia
  21. Kingston, Jamaica
  22. Tel Aviv, Israel
  23. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  24. Johannesburg, South Africa
  25. Accra, Ghana

Source: Black Book Of Outsourcing

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