The 25 Safest Cities for Offshore Outsourcing in 2010

For any company to operate the city, country needs to be safe to run the day to day operations. BPO industry literally works 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Political stability, infrastructure availability becomes very important for the BPO company to operate successfully.  Below the safest cities for BPO are listed.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic
  2. Warsaw, Poland
  3. Brno, Czech Republic
  4. Krakow, Poland
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. Halifax, Canada
  7. Singapore, Singapore
  8. Dublin, Ireland
  9. Kiev, Ukraine
  10. Chennai, India
  11. Pune, India
  12. Wuxi, China
  13. Monterrey, Mexico
  14. Sao Paolo, Brazil
  15. Bangalore, India
  16. Beijing, China
  17. Santiago, Chile
  18. Brasilia, Brazil
  19. Mumbai, India
  20. Dalian, China
  21. Chandigarh, India
  22. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  23. Cebu City, Philippines
  24. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  25. Kolkata, India

Source: Black Book Of Outsourcing

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