4 software development outsourcing trends in 2012

January 17, 2012:  The year 2012 will see more software development outsourcing. Yes, the economic down trend and threat of recession will definitely make the waves in the outsourcing industry, where more companies will give emphasis on offshore service providers to deliver cost effective services. And this is obvious, because depending on contractors will give managers more flexible and relaxed atmosphere for carrying out business. However, it is sure that the trend of software development outsourcing will increase as the scope in the sector is immense. Let’s look into the major trends in software development outsourcing in the year 2012.

Outsourcing platform for freelancers

Online marketplaces for freelancers are also expected to be a trendy area. It is expected that outsourcing and off shoring will make use of this platform very much. Startup companies and entrepreneurs who wish to reduce the expenses of the company will definitely rely on platform such as Elance and oDesk.

Reputation segmentation

Clients will be contracting jobs to service providers with more importance to the track record of excellence they prevail. Service buyers will give more importance to clients who are located in established locations such as Poland and Balkans. Since the preference of various companies will change the scope for job and remuneration will also change.

Rise in demand for Mobile application development

One among the major area where more outsourcing is expected is Mobile application development. The demand for gadgets such as smartphone and tablet has drastically increased and thus the demand for application in mobiles is also increasing. It is the right time for service providers to prove themselves as the scope in this particular area is very huge. Companies will also look for service providers who have enough resources to provide services such as web analytics, online advertising and much more.

The rise of productivity and collaboration tools

Another trend will be seen with project management and collaborative tools. This will give a new dimension for hiring remote software developers. Since the demand for such service is high it is obvious that developers can make contributions to various projects from anywhere in the world.

However, it can be stated without any doubt that coming year will be a good time for the software development outsourcing industry where you can see many up trends. It is the most suitable time for service providers to grab the opportunities and possibilities which are available in the sector. Right uses of the trend will help service providers to move up the reputation ladder. 

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