5 activities small firms can afford to outsource!

Adoption of outsourcing among mid-sized companies is the latest trend in the outsourcing world. It seems like the game is now not just for the big players out in the market. Thanks to the widespread advantages and economies of scale gained by the big companies, it has encouraged the small companies too to adopt outsourcing as a means to save money and focus on their core strategic areas.

However, when small companies consider about outsourcing they should be highly cautious about the activities they need to outsource. It is an inevitable fact that outsourcing right task to right people is the key to success of any BPO transaction. The five activities that can be outsourced by small companies are discussed below:

  1. Outsource simple task

    Small companies can start outsourcing simple activities at the initial stages. Activities that are simple and which are recurring in the business can be considered by small corporations to outsource. Examples of such activities include transcription, dictation, document formatting, data entry and blog post writing.

  2. Outsource content creation

    Once the small companies are successful in outsourcing simple tasks, the companies can then move forward to outsourcing tasks like content creation. The small companies can plan to outsource initial online marketing efforts such as article writing, press release writing, video creation and editing etc. SMEs can source content writing services by recruiting students from colleges and universities if they cannot afford to pay for an expertise service in the field or else they can source quality writing service through online.

  3. Outsource customer service

    This is the most important part of any business. If the customer service part is not handled properly then it can hurt ones business a lot. To start with, the mid-sized companies can outsource telephone reception. The companies can then move up the chain by outsourcing email inquiries and chat services.Today in the outsourcing market, many major BPO players offer customized services especially for mid-sized companies. SMEs can choose their required services at a very competitive price.

  4. Outsourcing product fulfillment services

    In the initial stages of the business, SMEs that ships products may keep their inventory maintenance activities at home or at office. However as the number of consignment increases, it often becomes difficult for such companies to manage the shipment of products on a daily basis. In such scenarios, small companies can choose a service provider who provides the storing, packaging and shipping services.Amazon’s fulfillment service is one such example where they store and ship the products for their clients.

  5. Outsourcing filing and compliance requirements

    Small companies can find a service provider who would help them with meeting filing and compliance requirements. This can take a lot burden away from the small companies and will allow them to focus on core areas.

Identifying the right tasks to outsource and right people is crucial for any successful outsourcing transaction, and this is no different for mid-sized companies also. Hence, they have to choose the right activity of their business that needs to be outsourced.


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