5 Data Analytics trends for 2013

Data Analytics

More and more companies are adopting the practice of Data Analytics today, and this helps businesses automate their business processes in an efficient way. The future of businesses, today, depend more on analytics and those companies that have chosen analytics as a platform are seen performing well ahead of their competitors.

Teradata is a leading analytics solutions company that is committed towards helping its customers solves the mysteries of data analytics. There are a number of companies who have come out successful with integrating data analytics into their businesses.

The analytics solutions company, Teradata has come up with five trends in data analytics that are all set to transform business in 2013.

Rise of the Big Data Discovery

The discovery platform is emerging as one of the prerequisites in data analytics and this allows companies and business houses to explore more insights of data. The discovery platform imposes remarkably few rules on how business can integrate data and speed up processes.

Amazing Growth of the Big Data

The big data applications are showing an uptrend, and it is expected to reach considerable heights in the next three years. 2013 will be the starting of the big growth of data analytics. Big data is expected to be absorbed by applications and knowledge workers equally in the coming years.

The new generation mobile and web applications will be empowered by analytics in a beneficial way and this will enable business houses to gain a competitive-edge over competitors and also to grab new opportunities that come their way.

A collective manifestation

Organizations may employ the big data technology in IT in a fragmented tone without combining metadata, data, administration and security. This kind of use of big data in the IT environment will make big data lose its significance. Close integration of technologies and enterprise standards are the necessary tools to make big data successful. Applications in an integrated form make analytics a simple affair. Data analytics also becomes faster and powerful thereby reducing the operational costs.

Synthesizing of Capabilities

It is essential to blend the capabilities of data analytics and traditional analytics for businesses to be successful. Big Data analytics is far from making a difference compared to the traditional system in 2013. A classic blend of traditional and new techniques can be highly rewarding.

Lack of storage capacities

Data is available in massive amounts and storing it has become a difficult affair. Advanced technologies are now tested which can store enormous volumes of data. The available information needs to be organized promptly to bring about constant innovation.

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