5 Most Innovative Big Data Companies Globally

Big Data is definitely making inroads into all aspects of business. Enterprises all over the world have already realised its potential and are taking steps to incorporate it for improving their business.

However, there are some companies who have raised the benchmark of using Big Data for business through their pioneering work. Let us take at a look at a few such companies.

Here are the names of the 5 of the most innovative Big Data companies globally:

General Electric

GE developed the ‘Industrial Internet’ to connect machines in a web-like network with the aim to increase efficiency and decrease downtime.

General Electric, popularly recognized as GE, is one of the machine making giants of the world. The company took a huge leap in the Big Data world when it came up with the idea of Industrial Internet.

The company developed the system to harness data from its planes and trains in order to power the Industrial Internet. The best part was that the company was able to help save billions of dollars through this ground-breaking work.

The Weather Company

The Weather Channel

The company devised a method to predict the impact of weather on shopper’s habits.

The Weather Company is one of the biggest names among the weather-dealing companies. Through its various websites and third party publishing partners, the company provides millions of people with the world’s best weather forecasts, content and data, every day.

The company connects with the people through television, online, mobile and tablet screens.

The company, using the power of Big Data, analysed the behaviour patterns of its digital and mobile users in 3 million locations around the world to understand the way people’s shopping habits get influenced by weather.

As such, the company transformed into a very big name in advertising that allowed brands to target users based on the local weather at the user’s city or town.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

The firm brought together data scientists and supercomputers to develop the hospital of the future

The Icahn School of Medicine has taken the initiative to bring highly talented Silicon Valley professionals to develop a unique facility that will have the ability to predict diseases in patients. The facility will map the patients’ genomes for the prediction. This will result in reduced hospital visits and help to streamline medical records stored electronically.

The medicine school uses a highly sophisticated supercomputer named Minerva to carry out the processes necessary for the predictions.


Splunk provided businesses with a number of apps that helps to single out error files to keep everything running efficiently

Splunk is a leading name in the field of Big Data. The company has acquired a name for itself as a leader of pure-play in the Big Data space. The company allows its customers to use its hundreds of apps to manipulate their data in innovative manners.

Due to its apps and its innovative approach, the company has been able to rope in several high profile enterprises as its customers and has itself scaled the wall of success.


It reduced guesswork from Big Data through the use of a visual approach

Ayasdi is the company that has devised a pioneering approach to unearth new trends from Big Data. Generally companies mine huge volume of data in order to solve a problem. Ayasdi developed the technique through which data can be dumped into a platform to generate a 3 dimensional map that can easily unearth the new trends.

This work has been helpful in revealing genetic traits of cancer survivors, tracking the source of an E. coli outbreak, and has helped defence agencies in mapping terrorist behaviour. This means that Ayasdi’s pioneering work in the field of Big Data can be used in various distinct areas.

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