5 Promising Big Data Companies in India

India is fast turning into a big name in the world of data analytics. There are several companies that are making a mark in the field of Big Data. These companies are transforming the way in which businesses perform. Let us have a look at 5 promising names of Big Data companies in India.

1. Crayon Data

Crayon Data was founded in 2012. The company has a development centre in Chennai. Crayon Data has developed a Big Data platform that possesses the ability to process huge volume of data that are sourced from both, within and outside the enterprise.

The platform also has the ability to process data sourced from social media. The sourced data is cleaned up before it is processed to attain the end results.

The Big Data platform developed by the company can be utilized by several business sectors, such as banking, hospitality and telecom.

The company was founded by Srikant Sastri, Suresh, Shankar and Vijay Kumar.

2. Flutura

Flutura is a data analytics company that is making its presence felt not only in the Indian Big Data scenario, but also on the global front. The company mines Big Data with the aim to perform analytics and provide huge chunks of data that is generated by machines.

Flutura mainly generates data for global oil and gas majors with the objective to bring in safety and efficiency.

Flutura was founded by Krishnan Raman, Derick Jose and Srikanth Muralidhara.

3. Metaome


Metaome is one of the most promising Big Data companies of India. The company focuses in the field of health care. The company mainly deals with issues related to life sciences. Metaome has developed DistilBio in two versions – a free version and an enterprise version.

The online free version is useful for discovering hidden relationships that exist between various data types and data sources such as OMIM, DrugBank, InterPro, CCLE, etc.

The enterprise version accumulates various types of data from different sources and transforms them into a structured and readable form, so that a user can easily search and identify hidden relationships.

Metaome has been founded by Kalpana Krishnaswami and Ramkumar Nandkumar.

4. PromptCloud

PromptCloud is Big Data company that offers DaaS or Data-as-a-Service platform. The company mainly focuses on web crawling and data extraction and utilizes cloud computing to attain its objectives. The company offers three types of services in the areas of crawling and extraction. These services are:

  • Site specific crawl extraction
  • Low latency crawls
  • Hosted indexing

The company has been founded by Prashant Kumar.

5. Formcept

Formcept is a data analytics company that focuses on making data analysis accessible to all. The company has developed a highly scalable content mining infrastructure by utilizing proven open source technologies such as HBase, Hadoop and Solr.

The company’s C3 Semantic Engine is a sophisticated work of technology that classify, compares and correlates content of various kind.

The founders of the company are Suresh Srinivasan and Anuj Kumar.

These are 5 promising names among Big Data companies in India. There are many other companies that have the potential to develop highly advanced platforms to derive benefit from Big Data. In short, these companies will take India a long way in the field of Big Data and data analysis.

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