5 trends in software outsourcing in 2012

February 10, 2012:  In the present day business world, Information Technology outsourcing has become a buzzword among the various industry players. It has become a phenomenon in almost all the industries. IT outsourcing is being adopted by large number of companies across the globe as it brings in considerable amount of cost reduction and many other benefits.

However few trends will be observed in the outsourcing industry during 2012.

Continuous outsourcing services improvement– Majority of the IT outsourcing service providers are working hard to bring in all the software development stages in the lifecycle and to ensure quality in delivery. These outsourcing service providers cater to the needs of companies from various industries. So they adopt creative approach to meet different customer needs. Currently, Ukraine is coming up as a favorite offshore location for outsourcing.

Offshore vendors being trusted– Even though the global economy is in a period of slowdown, information technology outsourcing is not considered as a risky affair. Today there are many ways to evaluate the prospective vendor before signing the agreement. It can be evaluated from the revenue and experience of the service provider, the resume of the employees and testimonials of other customers. Now the employees are provided with more freedom in terms of ideas and creativity to improve the process.

Mobile application on the rise– The increase in the popularity of smartphones and its penetration will be a great opportunity for companies which have online presence or operate only in the online world. Such companies will have to make their websites compatible for smartphones and other mobile devices. There will be increase in demand for mobile device applications and its development is expected to increase in the days to come. It is an opportunity for IT outsourcing service providers.

Cloud to gain increased importance– It is expected that cloud software will outrun and gradually replace desktop application in computers and various other computing devices. It is predicted that the number of cloud service providers will increase in the year 2012 in order to meet the increasing demand of the customers of cloud services.

Security issues to get more attention– In the modern digital world, data security are a major concern for every organization. This becomes more important in the case of outsourcing as most of the works are sent to offshore location where the rules and regulation related to data security may be different. More over the chances of a cyber attack success is high in such offshore locations. It will be a major concern for most the organizations that offshore their IT function.

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