McGregor’s 7 steps to process excellence

McGregor, a process program analyst has come out with a new model for achieving efficient business process workflows named ‘7 Steps to Process Excellence’. Efficient business operations are much critical for business success and gain competitive advantage. Let us see how McGregor’s Process Excellence model can help firms to define and execute more efficient business process.

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Process Discovery and Simplification with focus on waste elimination

Making people involved should be the first step in process discovery. Involvement of employees will help in implementing the changes easily. Employee groups performing cross functional operations can contribute much in discovery of a feasible process. This procedure can easily identify critical processes as well as processes that are no longer required. The purpose here is to simplify the process with easy and quick ways and thereby eliminating waste and complex methods.

Information capture and documentation

Documenting information based on the operational flow of process and procedures (that the organization employs) are quite important. Documenting information using diagrammatic tools like Visio often helps organizations to update information/technology with changing needs with ease. The information captured must be documented and collated in a central repository, so that all employee groups can have a centralized access.

Process Publication and Animation

Process model developed using Visio tools must be conveyed to people in a clear and effective manner. Presentation can be done using word document, HTML, or portals. Other than these representations, animation tools can also help employees and clients to understand the process.

Modeling design and improvement

Having a well crafted process design is the 4th step. In some cases this step will happen just before process publication.  Organizational and data models can be used for process design or to make changes in the process. Apart from Visio tool, professional modeling tool can be used. These tools can be selected according to project nature and its feasibility.

Simulation & Optimization

Simulation of process will help to optimize resources, to assess possible impacts and to foresee the associated risks. This is accomplished through statistical analysis, scenario planning, and visualize/test hypothesis. Statistical analysis helps us to predict on how resources can be optimized, the root causes of the problems that may come across. Scenario planning helps to gain a level of understanding how the tools can impact the process. Visualize/test hypothesis is the final stage which opens a path for easy testing.

Process Generation and Execution

Generation of workflows from process models is the basically done in this step. Work flow must be critical in a process and it must be precise and easy to understand. Here a visual representation of a computer program is generated from professional modeling tools as mentioned earlier.

Process Monitoring and Management

For maintaining business success constant monitoring of process is mandatory.  A proper dashboard can be employed for attaining the purpose. An effective Process dashboard is a window through which one can view the changes happening in business. It must also be in tie with corporate Balanced Scorecard, if any.

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    Thanks for this précis Mike. Readers might like to know that the full version of the “7 steps to Process Excellence” report, by Mark McGregor, Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors, can be downloaded free of charge from here:

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