A check list to get SaaS model right for the business

Software-as-a Service is the provision of software service for businesses over a network. SaaS is an alternative to many business functions to scale up the operation without investing in IT infrastructure.  But it is advisable for the companies to go through a check list for ensuring a proper set up of SaaS model.

saas network. source: teamwox

Software-as-a Service has been available in the market for more than ten years. Earlier there were concerns about security while deploying SaaS in their business model. However, today these concerns have been mitigated to a large extent and a majority of companies are deploying SaaS service as an alternative method to meet the growing demand and reduce operational expenses without setting a traditional IT infrastructure in the premise. SaaS had been proven to be beneficial for small businesses who are allowed to be competitive without worrying about the technology needs.

One of the major advantages that drive the companies to deploy the Software-as-a-service model is that it allows the companies to focus on the core competencies without worrying about the IT infrastructure. Most of the times, the service respond to the project requirements in very less time than traditional custom software applications.

The other benefits of using SaaS are:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased opportunities
  • Improved customer service
  • Greater flexibility
  • Deviation of investment to new business ideas rather than on IT infrastructure.

However, it is advisable for the companies to check if their decision to deploy the software solution is right or not. The companies’ especially small business should consider the cost factors associated with the implementation of the software solutions in their business model. This is because after initial purchase there are many additional costs incurred while installing the solution. These include cost for licensing, customization effort, multiple development cycles, and managing deployment teams as well as for maintenance, monitoring, and support operations. In certain cases, these costs may go beyond the budget for small business.

Checklist for proper SaaS set up

  • Check if the hosted software provides with accurate forecasting and scheduling. This is because accurate forecasting is important for any business to achieve the desired service level.
  • Check if the vendor is providing separate and unique database. This is because some vendors use multiple shared data model which can prove to be detrimental for the companies in case of any issues. If a company in the shared model face any issue it is likely to affect the other companies in that shared data model circle.
  • Check that there are proper disaster recovery programs.
  • Check if the network has multiple tier1 providers. This will ensure that in any case of failure, the service will be made available by another service provider and the business is not affected.
  • Ensure superior level of security before deploying the solution.
  • Check for the availability of Advanced routing technology.

Checking on the above criteria will help the companies to invest in those software solutions which will help their business to expand to new areas and offer better service to their customers.

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