A report on the BPO market in Russia

The BPO market of Russia today is quickly emerging as one of the most viable from the global perspective and its place among the top 10 business process outsourcing countries is a clear proof of the same. A good population of educated and talented youth, known for their unconventional approach and brilliant problem solving skills has attracted many outsourcing companies world over to Russia.
Nizhny Novgorod outsourcing to Russia, photo courtesy goaleurope.com
BPO industry in Russia

Many BPO companies both international and from the local region commenced their services in Russia back in the 1990s. A survey to know the status of growth of the sector in the country was conducted by Expert RA in 2009. The survey conducted by ExpertRA, a Russian rating agency evaluated the accounting outsourcing services in Russia and reported that although this sector is quite small, the demand for BPO services is growing annually.

The research in 2009 covered about 80 companies that offer accounting outsourcing services. The consequent year, the report revealed that the BPO sector had registered a 13% growth and in 2011, a report released by the same rating agency recorded a 17% growth in the sector.

Popular Business Outsourcing Services in Russia

The last survey conducted by ExpertRA revealed that the most popular outsourcing services in Russia are Financial and Tax accounting services. Next, in the line is payroll. The survey also disclosed that one-off projects for outsourcing is now most favored by clients. It includes auditing of fixed assets, cash maintenance, accounts inspection, accounting policy development etc.

Unpopular outsourcing services

Services like HR administration remain unpopular in Russia and it is seen that the revenue from these sectors are quite low at just 4% of the total.  The main goals of the companies now using HR are to minimize the costs and improve on the quality.

Growing BPO industry in Russia

The surveys seem to suggest a growing demand for BPO services in Russia every year. The databases of the clients have been increasing rigorously in the recent times and the customers now have become specific about their demands.

Reason for Growing BPO demands in Russia

The primary reason behind Russia being favored the most as an outsourcing destination is because of its vibrant workforce. There are a number of educated and skillful youth in Russia, who with their unconventional approach and complex problem solving skill are much sought for by companies looking to outsource their jobs to Russia.

BPO Companies in Russia

Some of the companies which have their presence in Russia are IBM, Boeing, Intel, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Betchtel. There are also companies like Intercomp Global Services, Dataart, Auriga, Reksoft, ISS Art and Fortess providing outsourcing services in Russia.

Development of telecommunication and conducive infrastructure coupled with a pool of technically skilled workforce are fuelling the BPO market in Russia towards occupying a prime position in BPO sector.

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