A searchable online directory for Business Process Management Consultants

online directory

An online directory is the best and effective way to distribute data such as contact information or job capacities on a large project. Business Process Management companies will find such a tool really helpful as they can store the databases of their clients and resources and access it instantly.

Straight Forward Methods, LLC and On-line Directory

Straight Forward Methods, LLC, is a company which provides consultants and productivity tools for Business Process Management, Product Management and Marketing. The company has come out with an online directory on their educational BPM resource centre website. The directory is designed to contain the details of both independent consultants and consulting firms. The directory contains a detailed history of clients along with important attributes like skills, certification and industry expertise. The directory is available for free to users and firms included in the list.

The application has sections like Key BPM skills, industry sector experience, BPM Software application expertise, certifications and disciplines practiced. The registrants are required to complete the application form with the above details and the database will be included in the company’s online directory.

The searchable directory will enable users to quickly find BPM consultants based on the criteria. The newly released directory compliments other online database directories for BPM Case Studies and BPM Conferences. The BPM consultants can submit a registration form available in the company website. The registrants are added within 2 days after staff review.

StraightForward, LLC is one company that holds its reputation very dearly. The company has no hidden agenda and remains true and neutral to its vendors. The company does not sell or disclose any contact information of its customers. The products of the company are simple and the company’s software is designed in a way such that it does not annoy its users asking for upgrades. Inclusion on this online registry is an added advantage to the consultants as they are likely to get new benefits assuring growth over time.

The company also shares the specific BPM experience and contact information for use by the companies looking for some professional help in the BPM projects. Companies and users can get themselves registered by updating their profiles. The names on the list are regularly updated by the company. Organizations are also free to view independent BPM consultant registry at no additional cost.

The company’s BPM resource center is dedicated to spread awareness and knowledge about Business Process Management and Business Process Management Software. It aggregates information and offers unbiased tips, tutorials and other necessary sources for the BPM executives.

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