Types of Analytics Outsourcing

Marketing analytics Marketing analytics solutions involves regression based techniques to estimate sales based on pricing, promotion, media exposure, distribution, products, external factors such as weather, demographic situations, share market, economic conditions, PR

Some of the solutions offered are:

  • Sales Pipeline Reporting and Analysis
  • Direct Marketing and Distribution
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Product promotion Strategies
  • Media Analysis and Optimization
  • Data survey
  • Sales Effectiveness Strategies
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Marketing operations Reports and Optimization

Customer Analytics

The customer Analytics services provides a holistic approach to the customer specific knowledge, industry expertise. These services enable the gain customer insight using customer data, indentifying critical impact areas, consequently address to the problem by implementing strategic planning to promote customer satisfaction and retention thus promoting sales. Here we have to understand that Marketing Analytic and Customer Analytics go almost hand in hand. Some of the services specified under this category are:

  • Customer Segmentation and Behaviour Insights
  • Customer Acquisition Optimization
  • Customer Cross Sell Analytics
  • Customer Service Analytics
  • Retention and Attrition Analysis
  • Customer Scorecards

Product Analytics

This provides customized solutions to services like the product development, customization, performance, cost effectiveness and loss prevention, inventory, fraud analysis.

  • Product performance Analysis
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis and Loss Prevention
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Product Merchandising Strategies
  • Discount, Promotion Analysis

Price Analytics

Pricing of a product or service itself depends on various constraints like manufacturing, good procurement, competition, market requirements, and other external factors such as seasons demand. Hence there is need of solution model which optimizes the whole process and help companies to arrive at correct decisions

  • Price/Cross Elasticity Modeling
  • Simulation on Pricing
  • Product Promotion Optimization
  • Product Link and Opportunity Assessment

Supply and Chain Analytics

This should aim to produce complete solutions to analyzing market entry, responding to competiton, product innovation, managing product life cycles and dealing with product substitutes. Complete order management and fulfillment from beginning to end.

  • Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing Analysis
  • Vendor Manufacturing
  • Scheduling and Quality Control
  • Regulatory Management
  • Network Optimization
  • Order Fulfillment Analysis

Risk Analytics

Companies serving customers (consumers and commercial businesses) continually face challenge of acquiring new profitable customer and managing relationships with existing ones. Large amount of data pertaining to transactions with customers can be a valuable competitive asset. Solutions in helping risk executives make better decisions when it is possible to execute the analyses in a timely, cost-effective manner with multiple iterations

  • Behavioral Risk Analysis
  • Operational Research in Marketing,
  • Risk Models
  • Risk Analysis Scorecard
  • Collections and Recovery Analytics
  • Risk Model Development
  • Model Performance Tracking
  • Risk Management Dashboards

Operational Analytics

Companies Globally cater to customers (consumers and small businesses) round the clock, spread across the world. The challenge is to find cost-effective analysts to efficiently apply data mining and analytics techniques that can have meaningful impact on customer service operations, call center analytics, IVR optimization, resource planning and optimization, productivity and performance, improvement E-services optimization, account management, customer satisfaction analysis, collections efficiency and placement.

  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Store and inventory Analysis
  • Product Assessment and Pricing
  • Revenue Enhancement Strategies
  • Business Process Analytics

Online – Web Channel Analytics

Internet being a powerful business tool, globally play a very important medium for optimizing business services, be it customer interaction, suppy demand strategies, ad-hoc marketing strategies, performance optimization. Not to mention the vast data on survey and research analysis.

  • Consumer Behavior Insights
  • Customer Acquisition Models and Strategies
  • Supply Demand Assessment
  • Online Marketing Enhancement
  • Data/Text Mining and Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Performance Optimization
  • Channel Performance Dashboards

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