BPO performance of Southern states in India for 2002-03

How have the Southern states in India performed in 2002-03?

State Revenues Comments
Andhra Pradesh Rs 1,411 crore Andhra Pradesh already gets a hefty 40% of its IT revenues from ITES.
Karnataka Rs 988 crore The number of approved ITES companies increased from 28 to 41 in fiscal 2002-03. Revenues earned by them also grew to Rs 988 crore, which is 8% of the overall exports of Rs 12,350 crore earned by the state.
Tamil Nadu Rs 523 crore ITES earnings have jumped 8.3% to Rs 523 crore last fiscal from Rs 340 crore the year 2001-02.
Kerala Not available The number of ITES companies in Kerala which is pushing very hard to be among the preferred ITES destinations is said to be below 10.

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