How recruitment outsourcing delivered value to BCI Group: RPO Case Study

As business world is maturing and becoming more challenging, companies are considering recruitment function as one of their core function. For most of the businesses especially those operating in a service environment, where quality of staff plays crucial role in business success, building a competitive advantage in recruitment process means both increased revenue and decreased internal costs.

Hiring a dedicated professional team to perform the recruitment task will help the companies to build the competitive advantage in their recruitment functions. RPO Group is one such dedicated professional team who provides recruitment services for businesses in service environment.  RPO Group is a leader in providing recruitment services based in Australia.  Since its inception in 2005, RPO group has been partnering with Fortune 500 companies to provide recruitment services.

Below is a case study that discusses how recruitment process management services of RPO Group helped a leading consultancy firm to reduce staff turnover and reduce hiring cycle.

Case Study


The client who approached RPO group was BCI Group. BCI Group is a leading information provider for construction sector in Asia. They have 400 employees scattered across a dozen of offices in Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia.  They are into the business of providing detailed research reports on commercial, industrial and residential construction projects.

Business Challenge

Like most of the business firms in the service environment, BCI was also encountering issues like high turnover, low morale and high absenteeism. They were also not immune to the universal problem of identifying and training quality staff for their sales team. Other issue where:

  • Unfilled vacancies and low sales performance
  • Lack of HR resources to perform recruitment process
  • Recruitment, induction and training of new personnel distracting the focus of the management from core business areas.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

RPO with its experience in the field first decided to audit the recruitment and HR function of the business before deciding upon the course of action for the problem. RPO Group studied the turnover pattern, the salary trends, and the employee tenure of the company and found that the current HR structure was ineffective to identify, attract and retain employees for BCI.

As a result RPO Group decided to re-engineer the whole hiring and HR functions of BCI group. They formed BCI Careers and delivered high performance by:

  • Restructuring the value proposition that the company can offer its employees.
  • Identifying the key elements as what made the performers move out.
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities required for a job clearly and then selecting personnel to fit that job.
  • Training people effectively to shorten the time to be productive.
  • Identifying training needs and formulating appropriate training programs.
  • Assessing the performance of the employees periodically and identifying the top performers.
  • Restricting the organization by including new job roles, reporting lines and management methods.


  • Staff turnover was reduced to 37% in one year.
  • New organization structure led BCI identify underutilized top performers.
  • Hiring time was reduced by 43%.
  • Management was able to focus on core business area while RPO was dedicated in performing the recruitment task for BCI.

The above case study can be cited as an example as to how hiring services of recruitment process management service provider can help companies deliver high business value.

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