Data center infrastructure trends in 2012

In the present day information world, data centers have become highly important for any organization. The data center market can be observed from two different angles, first where the data center providers operate facilities for different clients and second, enterprise data centers that run the entire organization.

The trends that are expected in 2012 in the data center infrastructure area are:

  1. The changing data center ecosystem

  2. Data center providers have realized the advantages associated with alliances and partnerships. Such relations help the service providers to develop industry specific ecosystems. It helps the clients to easily access the managed service providers, cloud service providers and other service providers and thus add value to the business. Earlier data centers used to be flat and static hardware, but with the use of cloud services, it has become dynamic and is driving growth and expansion of the enterprise.

    There is another group of data center service providers who have stepped into the market in the managed services domain as a part of their plan to evolve their business into the cloud. They have taken up cloud technologies to develop products and services based on cloud with an objective of moving up the ladder to become a cloud service provider.

  3. Enterprise data centers to reap more benefits

  4. Last year witnessed a trend where organizations adopted a hybrid approach that consists of hosting some of the applications in house and others in a managed data center location or collocation data center. It can also be a combination of managed data center or collocation data center based on the requirements. The enterprise data centers are making use of cloud to lower the Information Technology workload and at the same time to increase operational efficiency and achieve economies of scale.

    The present day enterprise cloud users have high hopes about their cloud computing experience.

  5. Increase in role of Collocation data centers

2012 will be year of more flexibility and scalability in terms of accessibility in collocation data centers. An important trend will be the “cloud in a box” for enterprises. It will be a prepackaged, preconfigured service that will be ready to be deployed after purchase.

Data center providers will emerge are winners if they form a part of the established cloud community that assist in fast adoption of the latest connectivity technology.

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