Domain Options in KPO for a Job Seeker

If we take any developing country one of the major issues being discussed today is unemployment and as far as under developed countries are concerned, it is an old issue. Most recently even developed countries are also struggling with this issue. Is it true that there is such a scarcity of jobs all around?

There are many industries where there is an immense carrier opportunity but being not filled due to lack of the right person to fill that post.  Let us look into some of career opportunities in the knowledge process outsourcing industry

As we know the KPO industry is booming and has touched several miles stones in the recent past. As far as careers in the industry is concerned it is calculated that in the coming year KPO industry can provide employment for around 2,50,000 only in India. K

PO industry has a unique advantage that it can invite talented people from various streams from doctors and engineers to computer professionals. There are different domains available in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry for graduates who foresee a carrier in this.

Given below are some of the domains with in KPO sector, where one can target to work:

  1. Financial service and consultancyThis particular domain holds opportunities for young and enthusiastic graduates from finance stream. People who are with masters such as MBA with finance or PG Diploma in finance can also find opportunities.
  2. Healthcare servicesThis is a platform wide open in the Knowledge Process Industry for graduates in the medical field. For instance doctors, nurses and Pharma students can avail this opportunities.
  3. Market research for any businessYou are a hard core MBA graduate with excellence in marketing and research. Then yes, KPO is again the right track for you
  4. Legal servicesAs the name suggest, people from the legal domain can grab opportunities in the legal services related jobs. Law students are welcomed for such jobs.
  5. Software development and network managementAs far as IT, BPO as well as KPO is concern, it is quite difficult to imagine computer experts free environment. Yes, the demand for computer experts and computer graduates are always there in the sector.

Apart from these major domains, there are also job possibilities in content research and development, data collection and analysis, animation and design. People can also opt for careers related to consultancy and training services, learning solutions, research and development of information and much more.

There is much for people to rejoice as the KPO industry has immense opportunities in the near future, the sector is in a rapid growth and generate around 100,000 jobs per year especially in India. If you are keen to earn more and looking forward to own a happy lifestyle, career in KPO is the perfect choice.

No matter which degree you hold, only thing required is skill and knowledge at your specialization and perfect attitude to take up challenges.

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