Effektif: Latest cloud BPM offering

Effektif, the latest offering in cloud BPM, is backed some big names of the industry. The company is under the leadership of Tom Baeyans, known for his open source projects in BPM, jBPM and Activiti, and is funded by Signavio headed by Gero Decker whose process modeling background is very prominent.

Effektif website was launched recently with only the basic information and the prototype of the product will be launched by summer. Sansy Kemsley, independent systems architect and analyst, was in conversation with Gero Decker and Tom Baeyans about their new initiative.

Effektif will serve as a simple BPM platform on the cloud which is available at low cost with its reach to non-technical users and small organizations. It will be cloud-based and will be designed in a simple and streamlined manner incorporating complex functionalities.

Checklist paradigms for easy case management and task management will also be included in the product.

Functionality levels of Effektif

The product will have three functionality levels.

  1. The product will serve as a non-technical way which will help coordinate people better with the aid of forms-based processes.
  2. The second level of functionality will include integrating services which are pre-built, such as Salesforce or Google Apps.
  3. The third one will allow users to create custom codes which can be run inside the process steps.

Process modeling paradigm of Effektif

The product will start with simple sequential modeling including processes like value chain visualization, bullet listing of items, modeling of tasks as BPMN activities and check-listing within tasks.

The product then guides towards BPMN for the purpose of complex implementations. The ACM flexibility and functionality is also made less rigid by allowing several new functionalities.

The target market of Effektif is mainly ‘end-user computing’ which involves Access Databases and Excel Spreadsheets domains.

The product comes with planned administration capabilities which make it much more than a platform for the development of the business and the provision of their own applications. These capabilities make Effektif useful for governance and IT support as well. 

One of the most important features of Effektif is that its runtime collaboration will allow multiple user access to form-based checklists simultaneously.

As a result, several participants can fill out a single form at one point in time. The pricing has not yet been determined and will most likely be based on the number of processes carried out by the cloud BPM platform.

However, the cost of the product is to be kept low so as to enable its easy adoption devoid of financial barriers. Hosting will most likely be done in the US and central Europe.

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