4 reasons for small online businesses to outsource

December 30, 2011: For anyone who is into a small online business, it is quite sure that it is impossible to perform all the work alone. In such instances, there are two options; either to recruit an employee or outsource the work to a third party service provider. Both the options have merits and demerits. There are many factors that will make outsourcing favorable. The factors are as follows.

  1. More number of options with outsourcing

    In outsourcing there are many options such as many service providers to choose from and so many price options. A small business can select the suitable service provider who will meet the requirement and the budget. The business owner can even distribute the work between different service providers based on their area of expertise.

  2. Any work can be outsourced

    This is one of the most important advantages of outsourcing; i.e. one can outsource any kind of work. Activities that are of less importance can be outsourced to third party service providers. There is some amount of risk involved in this as the buyer should know the service provider before hand or should do bit of research about the service provider before outsourcing the work. Buyers should try to work with trusted vendors as it will make the whole process more comfortable. With this one can make use of the same service provider again and again to get the work done.

  3. Duration of Outsourcing

    If a business goes for recruiting an employee, there will be a requirement to have a definite plan for the work. In case of additional work for a short duration as in the case of a hand during holiday season, hiring won’t be a good option. The advantage with outsourcing is that the work can be of any duration; ranging from few hours to months.

  4. Termination of Service

    Another major advantage of outsourcing is that it the service can be terminated at any time. But in the case of having an employees the termination procedure will become more lengthy. Terminating the service of an employee often involves following certain guideline based on the country. In the case of outsourcing, there are no such regulations. When the outsourced work is finished, the contract gets automatically terminated.

    If needed, the buyer can extend the period of service as needed. In outsourcing there are techniques which will help to ensure quality of the work done.

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