High Performance HRO Services Delivered – Case Study on Accenture

In today’s competitive world, all big corporate firms who have adopted human resource outsourcing unanimously agree that HR outsourcing has helped them increase their employee productivity and human resource management efficiency. Many companies go for HR outsourcing as they consider it as a better alternative instead of appointing full time HR staffs. There are many firms that offer wide variety of HR services according to the different needs of the. Firms like Accenture have been helping firms by offering different types of HRO services.

HRO case study. Image source Accenture

Below is a case study which discusses on how HR outsourcing services by Accenture helped a company achieve excellence in its HR operations.

The Client

The company was the subsidiary unit of a large auto maker. Manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales activities of this large auto maker for European markets were carried out in this subsidiary unit of the auto maker.

Human Resource Management Challenges

For a company that aims to achieve and sustain high performance, performance and talent of workforce plays a key role in their strategies. Building and maintaining high talented workforce is crucial for any business.

The auto maker realized the importance of building and creating value for their employees’ in order to achieve the high performance they targeted. They realized that their current HR processes are becoming ineffective in managing the needs and aspirations of growing workforce. Morale and motivation of employees seemed to be on the declining path which had a telling impact on the productivity. The subsidiary unit approached Accenture to suggest ways for improving HR processes so as to deliver better value to their employees and thereby increasing their overall performance and productivity.

Human Resource Outsourcing services from Accenture:

Accenture developed a HRO services with an objective to deliver higher business value through outsourcing leveraging high quality processes and technologies.

  • Accenture initially provided recruitment services from their delivery centers that are spread across the world. They helped the client to source the right candidates.
  • Later they assisted the client with performance appraisal of their employees.
  • Accenture carried out all the training and development programmes for the employees of their client.
  • The service provider also provided learning, employee life cycle management, payroll administration and information management services in all the countries in which the company operated.

Accenture delivered the services through its delivery centers in Czech Republic, India, Spain and UK. This enabled the company to experience the best of globalization and industrialization by which they received quality services.

Benefits of HRO Services:

By outsourcing HR activities, the company was able to:

  • Reduce HR management cost by 30%
  • Implement an integrated HR system
  • HR process got standardized across all the 20 units of the company in Europe.
  • Improved the turnaround time when it came to HR tasks like sourcing right employees
  • Increased the operating time from 16hrs to 24 hours per day by introducing new shift in one of its plant.
  • Recruitment and training of 800 new talents in just one month.

The above case study can be cited as a best example how outsourcing HR activities help the companies to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency of the business.

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