How a KPO leveraged technology to stay ahead of curve?

There is a thing or two that KPOs could learn from Scope e-Knowledge Center, a leading KPO, which adopted web-based services for data, information, research, content and analysis and the imparting of services to clients overseas.

KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing basically means outsourcing core business activities. It is a field engaged in a vast range of activities as well as services in a number of key domains which require high degree of expertise in analytical and technical prowess and also close acquaintance with the domain.

scope eknowledge kpo

Scope e-Knowledge Center works in the key academic domains as well as general B2B services. It aims at providing quality service to clients including researchers, practitioners etc. in improving their own work.

Why technology?

The KPO realized the changing potential of the dynamic external environment. Machines have begun taking over the manual work of yesterday. The company also had to respond efficiently to the stringent economic conditions which put pressure on the client budgets and margins and the innumerable demands that the company was showered with.

It was at this point that Scope e-Knowledge Center under its co-founder, Chandu Nair, decided to stay several steps ahead of the competition and began to use technology as an aid, enabler as well as competitive differentiator.  The company realized that only through technology can it grow in size, diversity and complexity at the same time maintaining its core values of ensuring customer satisfaction and progress in the company’s operations achieved through continuous learning.

How is technology used by Scope e-Knowledge Center?

Most of the activities of Scope differ from each other widely in their nature. As such, technology had to be used intelligently to perform them. Assisted Automation was the concept born out of this requirement. It is an innovative use of technology in which technology has an important role, but human intelligence predominates. Thus, most of the processes at Scope are either fully automated or partially automated such that the Subject Matter Expert (SME) had a lot of time in his hands to focus on areas where his specialized skills were required, thus increasing productivity.

Scope has already proved its expertise in a number of processes by the use of automated technology:

  • File management, user management, generation of metrics, workflows, performance tracking etc. are time consuming and repetitive processes which are done with ease by automation.
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Development of tools specific to projects such as pattern recognition algorithms, search and retrieval which is domain-specific, text parsing and so on.
  • Development of content management systems.


  • Time spent on various content and research tasks was significantly reduced.
  • Specialized skills of Subject Matter Expert (SME) could be directed to productive areas where they were needed the most.
  • There was significant non-linear growth of revenues without an increase in people and infrastructure.
  • Improved learning, collaboration and efficiency.
  • Client satisfaction.

Scope is looking towards newer avenues and expanding its services with the aid of technology. Even though its works are predominantly focused on .Net technology, Scope is now encouraging the use of open source technology and Human Assisted Software Analysis (HASA) realizing the huge potential of these platforms. The cloud is gaining popularity and is utilized to impart flexibility to the operations teams at Scope.

Scope e-Knowledge Center [a Quatrro company] has moved with the dynamic times, believing in the constant need to change and improve so that relevant and quality services could be provided for the clients. The company, which emphasizes the pronounced convergence of knowledge and technology, always stays one step ahead with its deep insight.

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