How to do well in Voice based BPO Job Interview?

Do you recall the old Bollywood movies where there will be a lady sitting in an office as a telephone operator?

Well now, those so called telephone operators have a new dignity – voice based executives in BPO’s. Have we ever imagined that the job of a telephone operator has such huge scope that it could host an industry called BPO with business worth around 5 billion US dollar and work force of around 5 million? Today in India we have millions of employees working in the BPO sector as Voice based executives.

The BPO voice sector still demands 5 to 10% fresh recruits to meet the requirement, but do our graduates have enough proficiency in the English language is  again a big question. It is reported that out of 10 candidates appearing for the interview 8 has to be dropped due to lack of communication skill.

Here we are attempting to provide you some tips to do well in Voice base BPO job interview.

6 tips for voice based BPO Executive Job seekers

  1. The first tip could be that, you need to be more conscious in pronunciations and voice modulation. It is necessary that you need to speak loud and clear for that we the candidates must open the jaw. Most of the Indians don’t do that.
  2. Many a time the candidates get panic when the interviewer as him or her to repeat the statement again. You should be very care full in such occasions. To avoid such incidents you need to speak louder with voice modulations. You can rectify this issue by recording your on speech. Sometimes you may be speaking very fast, which should also be controlled.
  3. Today’s generation use slang’s which are inappropriate as far as interview is concern. You need to avoid words such as bucks, wanna, yup and etc. moreover try to avoid using fillers in between talking. Fillers in the scenes ‘hmm’, ‘aaa’ and etc. Don’t use any phrase of proverb unless you are sure about the exact meaning.
  4. A continuously seen phenomenon is that candidates try to translate what there is in there mind directly from native language to English, which is pretty dangerous. And moreover always try to avoid very long sentences which sometimes sound very funny as if you are reading an essay.
  5. The old tips are also to be kept in mind; that is never interrupt the speaker, never assume, and never make any premature conclusions and suggestions. Initiate questions if you didn’t understand the interviewer.
  6. Before giving opinion on any statements of questions, just analyze others viewpoint and give an answers which suits the situation in pleasing attitude.

Above all you can also follow the usual tips to make yourself more proficient in English. Try to read news papers, chat with your friends in English regularly and also evaluate yourself and try to correct so that you could very easily tap the opportunities available in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.

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