How to start an outsourcing business in India?

March 12, 2012:  India is one of the favorite destinations for outsourcing business activities for organizations across the globe. India dominates the offshore outsourcing market with more than 55 per cent market share. The outsourcing industry in India is expected to cross the mark of USD 100 billion in March 2012. All these statistics show that the opportunities for outsourcing companies are high. With more and more companies going for cost reduction, outsourcing is definitely going to increase.

The major advantages enjoyed by Indian outsourcing industry are the large pool of educated work force with proficiency in English language. The skills and talents of Indian workforce are considered to be the best around the world.

Before starting an outsourcing company, whether it is a Business Process Outsourcing company or Knowledge Process Outsourcing company or Legal Process Outsourcing Company, the individual or group of individuals need to define their goal and objectives. Without a clear plan or objectives, the individual or group of individuals will have no idea of what they want to achieve or what kind of service to offer.

The strengths of the individual or group should be considered while formulating the goals and objectives. Develop plans to achieve the goals and objectives. Implement the plans in order to achieve the goals and objectives.

While defining the goals and objectives, be realistic and do not think that you can compete with Infosys or Wipro. If you convey a message that you are a big organization, clients belonging to the Small and Medium category might believe that you are not looking for them. The companies in the small and medium category will be the best clients and so pay attention to them in the website. Explain how needs of the small and medium clients will be catered. Since you are a small company, the flexibility and the responsiveness that you have will be the greatest asset. Such advantages won’t be enjoyed by the bigger companies.

The business can be run by yourself or with the help of partners. If you want to employ a team and to serve the clients from foreign countries, then you need to set up the business as a private limited company.

The internet is the best option for growing your outsourcing business. Develop a website with information about the services that you offer in detail. Provide the contact information in the website, and you should be available via telephone, email and other online services. This helps the client to contact you with ease. You need to spend resources on online marketing.

Serve the first few customers at a discounted price and ask for their testimonials. Make this testimonial visible to the prospective or new customers. Partner with those who are settled in the foreign markets who are capable of promoting your services. Offer them commission and thus increase the number of clients.

Give the customer proper service and provide them with round the clock customer support. This will improve customer satisfaction and thus increase your revenue.

You have to put in constant effort constantly to make the business successful.

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