iGrafx Releases iGrafx 2013 for BPM Processes

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iGrafx 2013, introduced recently by the BPM firm iGrafx is a clear move by the company to establish a strong leadership in the business process management industry. The company has brought out advanced features in its recent attempt. The new software focuses on improved features to enable organizations to be vigilant in their business activities and progress in their achievements.

What iGrafx 2013 offers?

iGrafx 2013 is the latest release from iGrafx and is a powerful tool for business management among the improvement solutions in the market. It provides a better user experience with its additional features.

The software is equipped with features and functions that best suits individual roles and responsibilities. It has the ability to integrate business and IT users and effectively contribute towards business transformation. It also accelerates the creation of process and enterprise architecture structures and also customized SAP process projects.

The new release also offers companies a detailed corporative analysis and enhanced Value Stream Mapping functionality. It also highlights the critical paths for process optimization. iGrafx 2013 encompasses the features ranging from Quick Start templates and Presentation-ready graphics to SharePoint integration.

How does it work?

  1. It creates good looking maps and enterprise models quicker than the previous version with its improved graphic modeling features and enterprise authoring features.
  2. The Critical Process Analyzer helps it to analyze and present process improvements efficiently.
  3. iGrafx 2013 provides transparency across broad linking data of iGrafx platform and Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software.
  4. Documentation process can be accessed via a smartphone from anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of iGrafx 2013

Better Productivity

iGrafx 2013 is enabled with a Quick Start Window which helps the users to work faster and achieve better productivity. It has thumbnail previews and templates which can be easily identified at the initial point. Quick Start links also has sample diagrams and tutorials which include a step-by-step instruction set.

Instant Access

Information process is important and it would be useful only if one can access it when  needed, anytime and anywhere. iGrafx 2013 offers such a feature. With this feature, users can monitor their office function during travel and offer assistance to employees when required.

Powerful Architectural Process

The tool is going to help in a big way as simple diagrams can be converted into top end architectural structures.  There is hardly any need of creating a foundational architecture of hierarchical, reusable processes. The new software helps to reuse the already captured data in diagrams. The users simply need to open process maps and drag the already existing shapes from diagrams to the newly created architecture.

Save time while building Visual Diagrams

It enables to create visual models of enterprises with simple mouse clicks. Diagrams can be created with less errors and this helps to save time.

Better Clarity and Precision

Clear and descriptive maps can be made using iGrafx 2013. It allows modeling beyond standard business flows.

iGrafx 2013 Quick Reference Guides

The reference guides of iGrafx serves as a perfect tool for customers who had recently purchased the software. The user guides help to get started quickly and know the basic functioning of the software.

This new release is definitely a continuing legacy of iGrafx. The ease of use and enhanced capabilities are the main attractions of the software.

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