Top outsourcing countries in 2010-2011:

September 3, 2011:, an eminent firm which delivers crucial findings, data and other information related to the IT and BPO service providers, has recently conducted a survey in the particular industry. The purpose of the recent study conducted by was to gather information on the stability of BPO service providers in various offshore countries.

According to the report, global service market is fluctuating and it is crucial for any company to select the right vendor in ups and downs. studied each company on the basis of certain criteria and key elements. The key areas of the study include cost competitiveness, resource & skills and the business competitiveness.

The below shown table prepared by on the basis of various evaluation criteria will provide you an detailed insight of the present situation of various offshore outsourcing markets including India.


Overall rank Country Overall outsourcing Cost competitiveness Resources & skills Business & economic environment
1 India 7.1 8.3 6 4.2
2 Indonesia 6.9 8.6 4.3 4.4
3 China 6.4 7 5.6 5.6
4 Bulgaria 6.4 8.8 2.9 5.2
5 Philippines 6.3 9 2.8 3.9
6 Jordan 6.2 7.6 2.7 5.7
7 Singapore 6.5 6.4 5.7 9.4
8 Thailand 6 8.2 2.3 5.9
9 Lithuania 5.9 7 3.9 6.5
10 Egypt 5.8 9 0.9 4.3

Source: 2011

The table is prepared on the basis of points earned in four different categories by various countries. India is followed by Indonesia, China and Bulgaria. Even though Indian Outsourcing sector does not possess high potential and ability in many categories, the country prevail the benefit of being the favourite by the global companies.

Global companies looking for outsourcing give cost competitiveness, resource availability and better economic environment as their priority and India at this point of time is well efficient to provide the blend of these three requirements.

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