Introducing ‘Virtual contact center agents’ from VPI

VPI, a leading customer experience and workforce optimization solutions provider has launched its VPI Virtual Source contact center solution. The virtual agents available over cloud powered by artificial intelligence helps the contact centers to automate a variety of in-bound and outbound calls freeing the human agents from doing repetitive task which lowers their satisfaction.  According to company sources, the virtual agents over cloud services is the perfect add-on for the company’s contact centers along with their human agents to gain competitive advantage in a dynamic market.

Voice Print International (VPI) is a global call recording and workforce optimization service provider. Their high call recording and analytics suite helps the clients to improve the performance of their contact center agents. The company has always responded to the changing customer needs and has adopted and moved with evolving technologies to meet their demands. The virtual agent is one such innovation which they have come out with to meet their client requirements so as to improve their contact center performance.

Watch VPI’s presentation

Virtual agents over cloud enable the company to achieve higher competitive advantage and attain highest level of customer satisfaction. Other features and benefits of virtual source are:

  1. Reduction in number of handling calls by human agents: Virtual agents enable automation of various inbound and outbound operations of contact centers. This will reduce the number of calls to be handled by human agents.
  2. Reduce the workload of human agents: The virtual agents gather necessary information initially and then transfer the calls to human agents. This reduces the workload of human agents.
  3. Capture information more effectively and securely: Virtual agents can be used to attend those calls where information has to be captured more effectively such as credit card payments etc.
  4. Improve customer satisfaction: The virtual agents are powered to use short-term memory to keep track of the prior conversations and long-term memory to track the callers and their preferences. This capacity will make them prepare for different needs of customers and increase customer satisfaction by providing personalized customer service.
  5. Reduce operational cost: Automation of various calls will reduce the operational cost. The virtual agents need not be trained like human beings every time. In addition to this, their call completion time is low.
  6. Effective monitoring: Virtual Source is an integrated system which provides real time analysis of virtual agent and human agent calls for the managers. The managers can evaluate the quality and performance of both the agents.
  7. Easy implementation and maintenance: Virtual Source is easy to implement and can get started quickly and can be adopted any organization irrespective of their size.

VPI has now offered a free 30-day trial of Virtual Source conversational virtual call agents for companies.  Many companies are already using the service virtual agents. A very interesting story going the rounds is that a company providing insurance services were able to reduce the reduce agent call time from 3 minutes to just 75 secs by implementing the technology. It seems like the days are not too far where these virtual contact center agents will replace live agents in many of the processes.

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