Know about BPM products: Appian BPM Suite

Appian is a leading business process management software provider. They provide a platform for to manage all the data, processes and documents in one environment or in any device through a simple social interface. Their product Appian BPM Suite allows the business to drive improvement with simple user experience, zero-training social interface and universal web access.

The following are the features of Appian BPM Suite:

  1. Social BPM: The feature allows the business enterprise to monitor, participate and manage business through social BPM feeds. The BPM suite tracks the key events of the people throughout the enterprise. This will help the companies to be alerted to critical events and hazards and take immediate action. It also generates actions and tasks from inside the social feeds and route tasks to users. Other features include:Real time collaboration
    • Status updates
    • Feed subscriptions
    • Secure sharing
  2. Process improvement features: The BPM suite enables the management to design, execute, manage and optimize business process using BPMN industry standard. BPMN is an industry standard that is used to ease the process of communication between IT and business while automating business process. Other features include:
    • Process repository
    • Smart services
    • Process execution
    • Process optimization
  3. Rules: The feature allows the management to create a set of rules that can be reused throughout the organization. Other features include rule creation and rule accessibility.
  4. Portal: The Portal allows the management to use interfaces to deliver personalized content to users.  Prominent features include:
    • Dashboard Design
    • Mash-ups
    • Personalization
    • Standards
  5. Forms Designer: Form Designer is a simple drag and drop design environment where the business users can create interactive forms for the users.  Features include:
    • Forms Design
    • Web Forms
    • 3rd  Party Forms
  6. Analytics: The BPM suite allows the business users to view reports and process performance. Prominent features include:
    • BAM
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Real-Time Metrics
    • Report Design
    • 3rd Party Reporting
  7. Content: Appian BPM suite provides content management system where the users can access and control important documents.
    • Content repository
    • Version control
    • Document generation
    • 3rd party content management
  8. Collaboration: The BPM suite makes it easy for the business people to share and express views and idea across the organization. The features include:
    • Discussions
    • Ratings
    • Tempo
    • Messaging
  9. Data Access: Appian BPM suite allows IT developers to connect to data sources.
    • RDBMS Integration
    • Custom data types
    • Standards
  10. Share Point: Share Point is a tool that allows storing data centrally and sharing data over a network. The Share point application comes as a built in feature in Appian BPM suite.
    • Workflow
    • BPM Webpart
    • Governance
    • Authentication

You can learn more about Appian BPM Suite by following the link here.

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