Know about BPM Products: Bonita Open Solution 5

Business process management or BPM is generally referred to as a holistic approach of management that focuses on all aspects of the business operations and helps the company in controlling and improving the business operations. There are many service providers in the market that helps the organizations with their BPM initiatives. Bonita soft is one such company that offers BPM solutions to many organizations. Bonitasoft is a leading software company that offers technology solution to the companies to transform their business process.

Bonitasoft offers software solution for the companies that help them to automate much of their business operations and it can be downloaded from the company website. The BPM suite offer benefits to those companies who want to avoid heavy investment in new technologies and are all set to re-engineer their process. The product “Bonita open solution 5” offers simple graphical solution that helps the user to design the process, manage their tasks and collaborate. The software solution works on any Information System architecture and is capable of supporting any amount of workload.

Product features of Bonita Open Solution 5

Bonita Open solutions offer innovative features at every stage of BPM initiatives which include designing, developing, executing, user experience and monitoring of business process. Product features at various stages of business process management initiative are listed in detail below:

  1. Designing Phase
  • Built in tools to align tasks
  • Central repository to save and organize all business processes
  • Context palette to design the process fast
  • Importing of existing process models defined in BPMN2, XPDL, etc
  • One click multi environment deployment and built-in environment testing features.
  • Export of process designs in multiple formats like pdf, jpeg etc.
  • Simulation of process, reusable connector configuration and user profiles.
  • Sharing of the process model across processes
  • Import modules from third party BPM tools to Bonita open solution internal format.
  • Live process update and user guidance for the beginners to design in Bonita studio.

    Click here for a screen shot of the product.

  1. Development
  • Advanced data management
  • Built in connectors
  • Testing of the process in the early development phase.
  • Process execution in one click.
  • Generate fully operational process-based application in one-click.
  • Application builder, data management editor, decision tables, one click multi environment deployment and templating of BPM application.
  1. Execution
  • Event processing
  • Migration tool
  • Multi tenant architecture
  • Scalable engine, transactional engine, human tasks management, multi-process execution, powerful API
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous execution
  1. User experience
  • Breakthrough end user interface
  • Easy integration
  • Multilingual support
  • Remote engine management
  • User settings
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Labels and categories
  • Real time follow up and alerts
  • Social BPM
  1. Monitoring
  • Custom dashboard
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Real time monitoring
  • User management
  • Rights management
  • Data management
  • Process lifecycle management
  • Tasks management

You can learn more about the product by following the link.

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