Know About BPM products: Oracle BPM Suite

Oracle is a leading provider of enterprise software, computer hardware and Business Process Management (BPM) products. BPM Suite from Oracle is a unified product suite that complies to BPMN 2.0 and BPEL standards. This BPM suite has advanced features like integration of Enterprise 2.0 into the process management context, unified processing, user-centric design, and social BPM interaction.

oracle bpm suite

Features of Oracle BPM suite

Unified Process Foundation

Critical processes in enterprises are carried out by integrating a lot of disparate systems. The main advantage in having an integrated product is that it can make the task simpler, reduce time and cost. Oracle BPM suite is specially designed to accomplish these features, via its unified process foundation. The unified process foundation integrates process subsystems for carrying out activities like the process design, development, implementation and monitoring. The unified action in this integrated package is achieved with the aid of its core unit, unified process engine.

  • Unified workflow engine
  • Business catalog of objects and services
  • End-to-end management and monitoring
  • Integration with Fusion Middleware and Microsoft Office
  • Packaged application adapters
  • Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence

User-Centric Design

Oracle BPM suite is designed according to the role and preference of the users in business process management team. Such a user centric design simplifies the process management lifecycle as it incorporates role-based client and web-based modeling tools. These tools integrated with BPM Studio and Process Composer allows users to execute their own designed model. So it obvious that we can call the model as ‘what you design is what you execute’ (WYDIWYE) model. Net result of such a model is the better synchronization between process design and run time.


  • BPM Studio client modeling
  • BPMN 2.0 and BPEL modeling
  • Web-based modeling
  • Customization
  • Zero code process deployment wizards
  • Simulation, analysis, and reporting
  • Unified development for process, Web, and portal

Social Business Process Management

Social BPM incorporates latest social computing technologies that offer wide scope for social interaction through variety of communications channels. This helps in the better collaboration among IT, business, and stakeholders, by which organizations can move in pace with the changing market trends. In fact Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g provides all innovative techniques for the outstanding business process management along with a scope for further additions (if need arises).


  • Process Spaces
  • Work Space
  • Wikis, blogs, mashups
  • Unstructured processes for unplanned interaction
  • Business process guides for milestone based view
  • Standard and single-click dashboards

All these features enable the users of Oracle BPM suite to have timely decisions and to make fast changes according to dynamic market. Also these features can add to the operational efficiency in processes and overall productivity of business.

Source: Oracle Website

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