Know about BPM Products: PQube Apps

Business process management system (BPMS) gained its popularity somewhere in between 2004 and 2005. AppPoint Software solutions, is one such company that provide innovative solutions and services to help their clients with process automation, software development and testing needs.  The technology solutions developed by AppPoint are delivered either on an OnPremise or cloud platform.

PQube is a business management solution system developed by AppPoint that helps the business entities to automate some of the common processes in an organization such as project management, CRM, HR, back office management etc. Product features of each PQube apps are listed in detail below:

1. PQube Project Management

PQube project management helps the clients with different phases of project management such as planning, organizing, executing and monitoring. The solution offer unique click features to define the various aspects of project planning like resources, tasks, documents, reporting etc.


  •         Timesheet management
  •         Knowledge management
  •         Content management
  •         Document management
  • Maintain course and certification details for easy review by employees.

2. PQube CRM

The app helps the management to improve their relationship with customers by leveraging on existing solutions. The apps offer an optimal solution for the businesses to synchronize their sales activities and provide platform for the sales representative to plan and analyze their sales activities. The apps provide the opportunity for the management to track, monitor and improve the sales in few clicks.


  • Online support
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Improved accessibility
  • Configurable security model
  • Network based security
  • Mobile workflow
  • Customized workflow, reports and access rules

3. PQube HRIS

The apps provides a HR information system where the companies can store employee details, interview candidate details, track employee leaves, etc. PQube app also provide performance measurement tool to conduct the performance appraisal of the employees.


  •  Recruit management
  •  Leave management
  •  Expense management
  • Employ dossier
  • Appraisal management
  • Employee rights management
  • Employee exit management
  • Payroll management
  • Travel requisition

4. PQube back office management apps

The back office application provides purchase requisition tools, tender management etc which help the companies to prevent errors and miscalculations in inventory figures. It allows the user to share data across all the departments of a company.


  • Purchase management
  • Quality management system
  • Facility management
  • Tender management
  • System administration

5. PQube Intranet Apps

The intranet apps provide a secure platform for the employees and managers. The apps allows the employees to gather, analyze and share data and information within the organization


  •         Blogging
  •         Discussion centers
  •         Asset management
  •         Polls and survey
  •         Ideation management
  •         Event management
  •         E-greetings

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