Know about BPM products: Skelta BPM suite

Invensys Skelta is a leading provider of Business process management (BPM) software products. They are recognized as the leader in providing BPM technology solution using .NET platform. Their product Skelta BPM suite offers 100% reliable enterprise class solutions that will help the organizations to gain operational efficiency. Skelta BPM with its graphical user interface enables the users, analysts, managers and stake holders to design and define process, execute process and monitor the process.

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Features of Skelta BPM suite

  1. Process DesignerProcess designer allows the business user to design and define the process and assign the processes to appropriate personnel. The features include:
    • Assignment of task based on roles, name, designation or any other attribute present in the database.
    • Multi level calendars
    • Use of alternate resources
    • Queue management to manage the resources performing similar functions
    • Escalation mechanisms
    • Multi channel task notification
  2. Forms DesignerIt is a drag and drop based process that helps the user to have control over the tasks in the process. It helps the user to map each business process, design forms and relate the forms with associated workflows.
    • Web based forms
    • Layout printer to specify the HTML layouts
    • Forms preview and testing
    • Validation to prevent data entry errors
    • Useful tool tips to guide users during data entry.
    • Manage versioning and security of forms
    • Custom control and Data Grid
  3. Enterprise ConsoleIt allows the users to manage the process centrally and eliminate the need for multiple data storage points. The BPM suite can be integrated using
    • SAP Connections to instantly link to SAP modules managing people, partners, processes, and information.
    • BizTalk Connections enables to communicate to Microsoft BizTalk Server.
    •  Database Connections to create a new data source connection, edit and delete an existing data source connection, and manage security.

    The other features of console includes

    • Calendar enables setting up of multi-level organization and resource calendars.
    • Queue Management
    • UI for maintenance tasks such as adding new users to the Enterprise Console.
  4. BAM and KPIIt allows the users to monitor the process. The features include:
    • Dashboard views.
    • Reports in the form of embedded graphs on email.
    • Out-of-the-box homepage lay-outs.
    • Microsoft Outlook Integration.
  5. Biz Talk ConnectorThis makes easy for the users to integrate teams and transact information easily.
    • Extend advanced workflow functionality.
    • Install and run Full service solution
    • Data security enabled through use of existing business logic from application.
    • Rapid Return on Investment through quick implementation.
  6. Dashboard and Web partsThe dashboard features include:
    • Detailed reports for different users/views.
    • Automate exception handling.
    • Generate automated emails embedded with detailed graphs of exceptions.
    • Configuration of alerts for monitoring Business Activity threshold.

You can view more details of Skelta BPM suite here.

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