Know about BPM products: SunGard Infinity Process Platform

SunGard Financial Systems is a leading provider of software and IT services to financial service industry. Infinity Process Platform is their flagship BPM product suite. It is designed to manage end to end business process management needs of enterprises. Using this platform, enterprises can manage design, definition, execution and control of various business processes. Infinity Process Platform is built over proven technology frameworks like J2EE and XML.

sungard infinity platform

Features of SunGard Infinity Process Platform

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration is one the prime features offered by Infinity Process Platform. Other than J2EE frame work, Infinity Process Platform also employs the following applications for integrating with other business platforms.

  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)

Event-Based Monitoring – Agent Framework

Identifying, monitoring, and adapting native business process with advanced technologies is done through the engine and agent framework of Infinity Process Platform. Monitoring process is usually made to verify structure, to determine the work flow accuracy, and the level of process progress. Another advantage offered by this frame work is that the existing system can be integrated with cost effective solutions or other systems without affecting the normal work flow.

Reporting Platform

Business Analysis and Reporting component is the key element of reporting platform, which consist of three basic components.

  • Process Cost Analysis
  • Balanced Score Cards
  • Business Object Driven Analysis

Data stored in the database is analyzed and reported to the concerned personnel, which helps enterprise in the following ways.

  • Improve process designs according to performance data
  • Optimization of computing resources for specific processes
  • To identify the critical paths in the processes
  • Visualization of cost and duration statistics

Business and IT Process Modeling

Business and IT process model facilitates business analyst to design and debug process flows with the aid of BPMN graphics. Process models shared to business analyst will comprise enough technical details. The feature allows them to maintain both business and technical settings for presentation.

Document and Message Processing

This feature allows document integration support for content management firms, across different formats. The facility is also provided for SunGard EXP.

Runtime Environment

Business process models deployed in Infinity Process Platform is executed in the process engine which runs within an EJB container. This process engine, which handles more than 1 million processes a day, helps multiple users to have concurrent transactions.


Infinity Process Platform administration desktop carry out the control and maintenance of processes at run time. This can reduce administration overhead as the process engine is integrated with standard administration procedures.

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