Know BPM destinations: Cebu, Philippines

Map of Cebu Province, Philippines

The island province Cebu has established itself and found a strong place well ahead in the list of the favored outsourcing destinations. Thalons, the investment advisory firm conducted a study and published a list of 100 outsourcing destinations that are favored most in 2013.

Thalons Study and Cebu Investment and Promotions Center Report

The study conducted by the Thalons had a list of 100 tip outsourcing destinations notices a report by Cebu Investment and Promotions center. Cebu was not the only city from Philippines in the list; there were six more cities who found their places in the list.

Other cities which made it to the list were Baguio City placed at the 99th spot, Davao at number 70th, Sta. Rosa, Laguna was spotted at 84th place, Bacolod city and Iloilo city at 94th and 93rd ranks and Manila moved one spot ahead from 4th last year.

The criteria for selecting these top 100 destinations were based on the availability of workers and the quality of work. The estimates of CIPC reveal that there are over 95,000 people involved in BPO jobs in Cebu. There are many graduates who prefer BPO as a career and this strengthens Cebu’s reputation as an outsourcing destination.

Cebu – Making To The Top Of The BPO Destinations List

But to go up in the list and make it to the top Cebu will need more graduates to suit the needs of the industry. This only can make Cebu one of the best business processes outsourcing provider in the world. An investment friendly government and an open-minded industry are the need of the hour. The Government must play a bigger role in ensuring a critical environment for the companies to stay competitive. It is also necessary to increase the quality of the graduates and people taking BPO as their career for better outcomes.

To attract better investments, Cebu must possess better infrastructure facilities, adequate and reliable power sources and good traffic management systems. With this, the BPO industries in Cebu can maintain its good –work to the benefit of the country and its economy.

17 companies were opened last year in Cebu which guarantees around 11,000 job opportunities for the youth in Cebu. There are also many other companies operating from other cities in Philippines but Cebu still stands the outstanding choice when it comes to BPO industries.

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