Know emerging BPM destination: Dominican Republic (DR)

Dominican Republic (DR), an emerging destination for business process management (BPM), is expected to record heavy growth in the next four years. DR’s close proximity to the United States often prompts BPM investors to build business relations with the country.

Advanced telecommunication infrastructure and availability of call centers, make Dominican Republic a fertile ground for BPM growth. Still, the country has some way to go to before start reaping the benefits of BPM in its full potential.

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Estimates reveal that, by 2017, the Business Process Management industry of DR will record a double digit growth. The size of bilingual agents is projected to increase from the existing figure of 10,000 to 20,000.

Why Dominican Republic (DR) considered as an emerging BPM destination?

There are still many factors that add to the emergence of DR as the next BPM destination. BPM industry which employs about 25,000/- people stands as a main contributor to country’s economic growth. Within 5 years the employee base of the country will increase a lot fuelled by the increase in the number of bilingual agents.

Santo Domingo and Santiago are targeted as the main areas for BPM investment and the total employee base is projected to reach 500,000.

Flag of the Dominican Republic

Excellent infrastructure is still another feature that causes BPM industry to gain grounds in DR. Telecommunication facilities offered by the country is counted as one of the best among other Latin American nations.

Still they are striving to improve their infrastructure for increased BPM, regardless of existing submarine cables and access points. The country has established a Cyberpark facility in Santo Domingo to house these BPO and Call center firms. The park provides tax benefits and better infrastructure facilities to firm for doing business.

Friendly business environment is another main attraction for BPM investors. Tax advantages offered by the country often make it an ideal partner for a foreign investor.

Operating cost is much lower in DR when compared with other outsourcing majors like India, China, and Philippines. Here, it is easy to find skilled bilingual agent, who will offer services  with a wage 60% lower than that in U.S. Low wage rates also facilitate the increased growth of BPM in DR, and hence to increase the revenue base of the country.

The country is lacking a tech savvy workforce to satisfy BPM needs. Employee base of the country is not much powerful to meet technical mottos. To foster the technical knowledge of the students especially in bilingual training, the government is initiating new training campaigns. These programs are arranged especially to increase the language and IT skills of the students.

Some of the major BPM players in DR are:

  • Procall offers call center outsourcing solutions to various business majors
  • Advandtel: offers call center as well as outsourcing services in telemarketing, mining, real estate and in consulting.
  • Vixicom: claims to offer most cost effective call center services
  • Nearshore CC: Targets to become the leading provider of call center and bpo services to US and European markets.

As you can see the presence of bilingual work force is the key factor leading to Dominican Republic emerging as a favored destination for setting up call centers to serve the needs of US and European markets.

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