Know emerging global BPO destination – East Africa

East Africa is the next big thing in the global BPO market. This was visible in the East Africa outsourcing summit in Kenya held on 5th and 6th of June 2012. Many countries are keen on creating a presence in the attractive Business process outsourcing sector of East Africa. The outsourcing industry has expanded to all industry verticals such as retail, healthcare, telecom, research, finance and transport apart from IT as it was earlier. Few African outsourcing companies are focusing on areas such as IT solutions, training, research and business process outsourcing.

Elephants and Mount Kenya - Photo courtesy

Elephants and Mount Kenya - Photo courtesy

Global Market recognizes the potential of the East African Countries

As mentioned earlier that outsourcing is an integral part of modern business many companies across the globe have realized the importance of outsourcing non-core activities. This will help them to concentrate on core business areas where their experience and skills are required the most.

The improvements in the policy and business environment have attracted these companies to outsource their activities to East African countries. The political environment also has improved in the region which facilitated East Africa to grow in stature as an outsourcing hub. Governments in this region are also keen in to put extra effort to attract more companies to set up their BPO units here. The adequate infrastructure and the upcoming economy clubbed with the skilled workforce and the hassle free political environment can make BPO sector in East Africa as a major source of revenue. But some of the established outsourcing management in East Africa feels that myths about business process outsourcing have hindered the growth of this industry. Many associates call centers with BPO when they in reality contribute a very less to the total of the industry.

Kenya and Uganda poise for a growth

The outsourcing summit held in Kenya projected Kenya and Uganda as the outsourcing hub among other countries in East Africa. Kenya provides quality services especially in customer services. With improving Infrastructure and major ports located in the nation, Kenya projects itself as the major hub for many international companies. They also provide workforce who possess strong English speaking capabilities.

Uganda Equator

Uganda Equator

Uganda is also showing progress because of the recognition by the government of the BPO’s potential to transform the economic condition of the nation. Uganda has gained its position as service provider in domestic market.

In order to sustain and grow in the global market the governments can make the policies more liberal by allowing tax concessions and other incentives and subsidies for setting up offshore units in East African nations.

The countries can gain a major share in the global market if they tap local talents and enter into niche areas of the BPO industry.

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