Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

  1. Knowledge Process Outsourcing – An Intro
    When knowledge related and information related processes are outsourced to another location, another company or a subsidiary of the same organization which may be in another country or an offshore location to save cost its is known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO.
  2. Role of KPO companies in retail business
  3. How big is the Indian KPO market?According to industry estimates, by 2010, the size of the KPO industry would be worth $17 billion globally, out of which India would hog almost $12bn. Nasscom and Evalueserve estimate that by 2010, 300,000 jobs would be created in the KPO space and 70% of these jobs are expected to come to India. But the picture is not as rosy as it looks. The KPO industry will have to wade through many challenges to keep up the expectations and predictions for its bright future.One of the major problems faced by the KPO industry is the dearth of skilled manpower with domain expertise. The client’s expectations and quality requirements are very high. Also in the KPO space, client conversion and development takes longer compared to other processes. If India wants to get 70% of KPO jobs by 2010, then serious intervention at the educational level and investment in training are imperative.

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