Legal Processing Outsourcing – An Introduction

Outsourcing is now one of India’s biggest industries. Indian firms top of the list of most preferred outsourcing companies by foreign clients. Today outsourcing is done in almost every field whether it is in the field of healthcare, business processes, finance, knowledge and expertise and even legal processing.

What is LPO?

One of the most interesting and buzzing area or section of outsourcing today is Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO. The term LPO refers to the process of one company providing legal help to another company. By legal help the service provider which is not a regulated legal proceeding conducting firm offers service to a regulated legal client.

Evolution of Legal Process Outsourcing

The concept of LPO originated from KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing in which implementation and research based on knowledge is conducted to provide statistical analysis and help to clients.

Factors for growth of LPO

The field of LPO is on the right track of improvement. The ability of LPO’s to provide low cost legal outsourcing is considered to be the biggest factor behind the rapid strides made in the LPO sector. The other major contributors to the growth of LPO globally are

  • Increasing influence of Globalization
  • Automation of legal processes with computer processing
  • Growth of the internet and safe data transport
  • New and improved data analysis tools
  • Multinational availability of skilled personnel
  • 24 hour support and availability provided by LPO firms

India on the face of Global LPO map: Similar Legal Framework is the key

India is today seen as a hotspot for the ongoing LPO boom as many US and UK legal firms are entrusting their outsourcing activities to Indian LPO firms. The primary reason for these firms choosing Indian firms is the similarity of the Indian legal system to the UK legal structure which is also adopted in the US.

India also has a vast human resource for the same as there are around 2 million skilled law graduates in India which when provided the right opportunity will reap huge benefits for the clients.

The adaptation of English as the legal framing language for the Indian Penal Code, outside clients are more confident of Indian Lawyers being able to correctly researching and processing files and litigation documents.

Flexibility in operation

The time flexibility is also favorable for Indians as many law firms outside in the UK and US can outsource their work to India where there is a 12 hour gap in timings. This results in the clients actually enjoying both day and night support. A client can entrust an LPO in India to the documentation and processing works at night and have them completed the next morning. Because when it is night in the UK it is daytime in India.

LPO Final Verdict

If the required secrecy and confidentiality of the Client is maintained then the LPO industry is one outsourcing activity that is going to earn a lot of respect and recognition in the international scenario.

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