Book on Outsourcing to India

Mark Kobayashi-Hillary, London, UK

Outsourcing to India
The Offshore Advantage

A day does not pass without a newspaper report about yet another company that has started outsourcing technology or other business processes to India. Managers across the world are beating a path to India because it is the global leader for off-shore IT-enabled services. Many corporate leaders seek to reduce their costs. Many seek to improve service quality, but not many understand India on their first visit and some are confused by clashes of culture. This book aims to intro-duce India, the major players in the Indian service industry, the reasons why you should utilise India as an offshore outsourcing destination and the steps you need to take to find and work with a local partner. This book advises you on who is im-portant, where they are and what they are doing in India. It will help you to avoid cultural clashes and smooth over the traumatic transition period once you decide outsourcing to India is the right strategic decision for your company.

From the contents:
First Impressions.- Indian History and Religion.- Contemporary Indian Politics.- Culture and Food.- Domestic Travel.- Security Concerns.- The Outsourcing Drivers.- The Major Industry Players in India.- Ownership Models and Partnership.- The Major Outsourcing Locations.- Industry Associations and Research Bodies.- Outsourcing Objectives.- Destination India.- Outsourcing Flavours.- Success Criteria.- Vendor Selection.- Legal Contract Arrangement.- Quality and the Service Level Agreement.- Migration & Knowledge Transfer.- Culture and Communication.- Adapt the Organisation.- Employee Transition and Exit Management.

Includes a foreword from India by Kiran Karnik, president of NASSCOM, and a foreword from Europe by Nigel Roxburgh, co-founder of the National Outsourcing Association.

2004. 275 p. Hardcover
EUR 49.95, # 38.50
ISBN 3-540-20855-0

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