With the growing demand in the ITes-BPO sector, what is the future of the BPO market going to be?

With the growing demand in the ITes-BPO sector, what is the future of the market going to be?

The U.S is expected to be the largest source market for the ITes accounting for nearly 60% of the market. The share of the offshore component is expected to increase to 23% of the total spending by 2007. Europe is expected to be the second largest market for the ITes sector, accounting for 22% of total spending which is expected to reach Euro 129 billion by 2008. U.K and Ireland being the main markets for BPO in Europe are likely to account for about 45% of the European market followed by countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria with a 20% share. The fastest growth expected within the European market is in the U.K and Ireland with a CAGR of 14%. However the maximum growth is expected n the Asia-Pacific region, with ITes-BPO spending to grow at 14.7% for the next two years.

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