Procurement Outsourcing Solutions

With the present scenario of the challenging economic crisis in the BPO industry, companies have inclined towards reducing Sourcing and Procurement costs and labour arbitrage. More emphasis is given to effectiveness of bringing these to implementation.

These solutions aim to improve the competitive position in the volatile market, analyzing ever-changing customer requirements, upgrading talent, and acquiring capabilities and assets.

There should assist in increasing on-contract buys, lowering risk and cost, efficiency in contract management and supplier selection and performance and control over spend, but also should offer value added services QCDCTM , like profit recovery, income statement, inventory accuracy audit, balance sheet optimization and business analytics, and performance management.

Procurement outsourcing would not be a complete model if an efficient global network model is not implemented.

The basic structure of the Procurement Solutions would consist of

  • e-procurement
    • Indent Management,
    • Supply Sourcing
      • eTendering,
      • eAuctioning,
    • Vendor Management,
    • Catalogue Management, and
    • Contract Management
  • Technology Solutions
    • Technology Selection
    • Implementation and Hosting
    • Web based ERP (Electronic Resource Planning) Implementation
  • Tactical Procurement
    • Requisition
      • Review, approval process
    • Purchase Order Award/Change Management
    • Contract Execution, Compliance, Administration Management
    • Expediting and Logistics co-ordination
    • Receipt and Return Management
    • Supplier Helpdesk
    • Vendor MIS
    • Catalog Management
    • Payment Processing
  • Strategic Procurement
    • Market/Demand analysis
    • Development of sourcing strategy
    • Master Data Management
    • Supplier Identification and Collaboration
    • Contract Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Research and Remodeling


  1. Source-To-Pay
  2. BPO
  3. Accenture

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