Procurement Outsourcing

  • Procurement Outsourcing – An Introduction
    Procurement outsourcing is the transfer of specified key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party, aiming to reduce overall costs and enabling the company’s focus on its core competencies. The most popular outsourced are vendor management of procurement categorization, indirect materials and services.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Solutions
    With the present scenario of the challenging economic crisis in the BPO industry, companies have inclined towards reducing Sourcing and Procurement costs and labour arbitrage. More emphasis is given to effectiveness of bringing these to implementation. These solutions aim to improve the competitive position in the volatile market, analyzing ever-changing customer requirements, upgrading talent, and acquiring capabilities and assets.
  • Procurement Outsourcing – Emerging BPO Opportunity
  • The Evolution of a Successful Procurement BPO (Part 1, Part 2)

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