Pros And Cons of Crowdsourcing

January 14, 2012: Crowdsourcing is a concept developed by Jeff Howe, it is a method of obtaining required ideas or services from a group of people. You depend on an online community for the work to be done by an open call. For example we can take that, you make an open call for a group of people to accomplish a particular task for you by their ideas and skills. You can ask a small as well as a big group to do a particular task through Crowdsourcing.

In the current scenario there are many popular websites which offers platform for Crowdsourcing. Website such a and Elance are the most popular websites. Apart from these there are many other websites also which provides a better platform as far as Crowdsourcing is concerned. You can make use of this website to accomplish many jobs at ease. Web designing, logo making and many other online jobs can be Crowdsourced to these sites at an affordable price.

But, it is not that Crowdsourcing is a complete error free method of getting works to be done by others. There are Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing. Let us look into the Pros first.

The Pros of Outsourcing

  • There are many advantages for companies which depend on Crowdsourcing. Out of which one of the major advantage is the fairly lower price. The work, for which you need to pay a huge amount to a professional, can be done at much cheaper price through Crowdsourcing.
  • You can also get many numbers of people who are willing to work for you at anytime you wish to.
  • You will get your work done with the same perfection as any other professional will do it for you.

The Cons of Outsourcing

  • There is a big risk with Crowdsourcing and that is, since the labor is cheap there are changes of losing the credibility of the product and services compared to professionals.
  • If the task is pretty risky then it is not advisable to go for Crowdsourcing.
  • There is also risk of Crowd members competing among themselves which might end in a bad result.
  • There is also risk of workers run away anytime they wish to and it might badly affect your work.

However, if you take a conscious approach and have the ability to get benefited from the various possibilities in Crowdsourcing then you are on the right track. Make use of the possibilities and make your work accomplished on time at much cheaper cost.

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