PyramidAnalysis – a useful dashboard tool for BPO’s

Business organisations world over in their pursuit of growth are looking at various strategies. Some companies are trying to grow organically whereas the others are trying to do so inorganically. The relevance of BPO companies in this context is very high as these companies help the clients in cutting down their cost.

BPO companies now irrespective of whether they are large or small are under tremendous pressure to cut down their cost of offering services because of heavy competition and a recessionary environment. The companies are trying hard to innovate constantly so as to increase their productivity and revenue.

PyramidAnalysis Business Intelligence tool

One of the key requirements of a BPO firm is a good Business Intelligence system. BPO’s especially the smaller players world over are facing a daunting task to keep their cost under control especially since the cost of enterprise BI solutions are hitting the roof.

According to Industry reports, BPO’s are deploying BI to only 10% of the people who actually need it. Seeing this opportunity BusinessIntelligenze, which is the only firm in India as of now offering BI-as-a-Service (BAAS) have announced a new service called PyramidAnalysis. This is a cloud based BI solution which can be used for BPO reporting. This BAAS can be used mainly for:

  • Delivering personalized goals and performance milestones for employees
  • Standardizing and automating activity chain across the organization and
  • Monitoring and managing key contact centre KPIs

PyramidAnalysis is positioned as a very user friendly dashboard tool which has got good user interactivity features like hover-over, drill down etc. It has got various data visualization options like charts, maps, grids and so on. Apart from other advance features, it supports enhanced communication through data export, shared links and annotations.

One of the remarkable features that it has got is that it supports instant notifications & alerts for on demand performance management. One of the main advantages of using this cloud based BI is that it helps managers to monitor performance across multiple locations using one dashboard. This is very useful especially when nowadays the BPO companies are planning to have operations across multiple locations because of the increasing operational costs in Tier 1 cities. This mainly helps them in keeping their costs under control.

Some of the main benefits of PyramidAnalysis are:

  • The dashboards can be deployed very easily and quickly and this in turn saves significant time.
  • The dashboards can be easily designed by anyone
  • The dashboard can be customised looking into the challenges that the organisation faces and
  • Since it is on cloud and web based, the cost and maintenance is reduced to a larger extent

A good Business Intelligence system will help in enhanced enterprise performance management. A strong BI will help in addressing issuing the moment a gap is observed by the BPO function. BusinessIntelligenze has been able to offer the BI solution at a very affordable cost mainly because it is cloud based and this is really a good news for smaller BPO’s who cannot afford enterprise BI solutions.

Now PyramidAnalysis is available per user from Rs. 500 onwards, which in turn is a very aggressive pricing strategy. The BPO firms need to pay only based on their usage and this is a very cost effective proposition. Even though this service is in a very nascent stage, it is soon to find many takers including big BPO firms.

This concept is going to soon catch up and the enthusiasm among the big industry players regarding this service can really be seen with Intel, Microsoft and Blackberry already partnering with BusinessIntelligenze.

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