Top 5 respected Indian IT companies:

September 8, 2011: At present the most discussed topic in the business world in Recession.

It is expected to hit globally any time and US might be the worst effected victim. But it is quite interesting to learn that Information Technology IT companies in Asia, particularly in India will not be affected much as these companies has a strong potential to overcome the economic crises at this point of time. Let us look at some of the top companies which have the potential to withstand such issues and have been rated as the most respected IT companies in India. This is as per the technology portal,

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) established way bask in 1968 has proved themselves as one of the most respected companies globally with its efficient and quality services. Today the company is one among the top companies in the IT and BPO sector with huge workforce of around 202,039 core. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are into outsourcing, IT solutions, financial and accounting services for banking sector and other software products.


Wipro is also an important and respected company in India. Located in Bangalore the company provide service and business solutions world wide. Wipro is purely into information IT services along with wide range of other products which is in high demand in the foreign market. The company is listed in BSE, NSE and NYSE as well. The company has total asset of around 8.182 billion US dollars and has a huge work force of around 120,000 employees.    


In India, Infosys is considered as one of the most respected company. Majority of the youngsters aim to accrue a career in Infosys. The IT giant company hailing from Bangalore is a company with one of the biggest workforce. The company has total assets worth up to 7.010 billion US dollar. More over Infosys is currently focusing on starting new business units in overseas market such as UK and US.

Mahindra Satyam

The come back of Satyam after Mahindra taking over the company was incredible. The growth was rapid as the company reached the top position with years. Today the company has around 31,438 employees and has made a profit of around 225.5 crore in the current financial year.    


HCL technologies have made remarkable business in the precious years. Today the firm is the fourth largest in India. Established in 1991 the company has expanded themselves globally with offices in around 26 countries. With one of the strongest research and development team in the nation, the company has delivered wonders in the IT and BPO sector of India. HCL also provides application services and IT infrastructure management. Moreover they also focus on enterprise application services.   

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