Savvis’ Customer Loyalty Awards powered by Cordys’ BPM

Cordys Cordial event

Jon Windley, VP Customer Advocacy, presenting during Cordial, Cordys’ corporate event.

Data about the buying behaviour of customers, preferences, dislikes, frustration are available in plenty, and it is for companies to utilize it to make good business. Saavis, a global company in IT solutions and cloud infrastructure, provides award-winning customer service. The reason behind its classy services is Business Process Management. The company has joined hands with Cordys’ BPM suite which helped it emerge as one of the best in offering customer services.

Cordy’s contribution to the award

The company with the help of Cordys’ BPM product manages customer data and enhances its customer-dealing processes. This in turn, results in a more collaborative and cross-functional customer-facing policy which helped the company win Vovici’s “Innovator of the Year” award.  The award was won for their Voice of the Customer Analytics program.

The Vice-President of quality and customer loyalty at Savvis refers to the organization as an aggregate of processes the company executes. Performance according to him is a function of brilliant execution. He also admitted that Cordys’ BPM has helped them model, execute, and improve on their customer service processes.  Cordys’ BPM had played a huge role in placing customer loyalty as the center of Savvis strategies.

Savvis Initiative

The company as an initiative to improve on their customer loyalty functions approached Cordys’ BPM. The Business Process Management Company helped Savvis identify and organize a number of core processes to accomplish various things. Cordys’ BPM helped Savvis eliminate errors and the rework in many of their customer facing processes. A consistent customer experience further took a definite place in Savvis agenda.

Savvis have achieved optimum improvement in its management, delivery and quoting processes which is a result of its tie-up with Cordys’ BPM.  BPM processes can offer a number of advantages like aligning the business processes with the company goals, organizational improvement of technological facilities, and better visibility into processes. Cordys’ BPM has also helped developers and IT managers in a large way to integrate their business processes.

Cordys’ BPM is a global company with its Headquarters in Netherlands and offices in America, Asia-Pacific and EMEA who help companies take care of their businesses with minimal risk. The company combines enterprise application development framework, a high-productivity middle-ware and a complete Business Process Management Suite to serve the BPM needs of their clients.

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