TeleTech: A trailblazer in the list of top application outsourcing companies

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Application outsourcing is the nucleus of the BPO industry. It involves the process of assigning specific operations regarding the business activities of a company to an external organization. One of the pioneers among the top application outsourcing companies is TeleTech with headquarters at Englewood, Colorado in the United States. It stands out as a premier organization among the outsourcing companies in the world.

TeleTech started out in 1982 with the motivation to deliver an extraordinary customer experience under the leadership of Ken Tuchman. At its heart lay the foremost aim of providing proficient solutions marked by technological expertise.

The strategic and innovative course it took led to its expansion a decade later. New business centers were added and latest technologies were incorporated to meet the growing demands of its burgeoning customer base.

The year 1996 was a landmark of sorts for the company. It saw the organization completing its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in addition to being voted as the most successful IPO by NASDAQ. It later spread its wings to form a joint venture with Percepta, a company owned by Ford Motors.

A step ahead in all technological avenues

When the endless possibilities of the Internet were being hotly debated among enterprises, TeleTech led the way in this direction and was the first to take its services to the cloud. Based on a centralized model, a global platform was set up with IP as the core element. The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) had ranked the company tenth on its list of best service providers in 2012.

The organization provides insights that help in designing roadmaps for charting ways to growth. Innovative technologies are customized to the client’s requirements and are applied through any channel from any place in the world.

On-premise, cloud and hybrid technologies help companies deliver effortless and effective services to its clients. Engagement Engine is an adaptive tool that aids customers in selecting the best market strategies for improving revenues and applying insight to deliver time-bound communication strategies.

The organization has since then acquired Revana, which is a well-known company that develops revenue generation strategies. TeleTech has moved on to greater domains delivering technology-enabled marketing and management of customer solutions to its clientele. It has now spread its base to as far as South Africa and has set its sights on a new global horizon.

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