Ten tips to avoid outsourcing your work

Different organizations have been maintaining control over their IT budgets as a result of the ongoing economic recession. In this situation the IT workers are worried about their job being outsourced.

The following are 10 tips that will help in lowering the probability of their work being outsourced. 

  1. Acquire the hot skills

    Hot skills are those skills which will differentiate one from others. Acquiring skills that are not available offshore will help in increasing the job security.

    According to Mark McDonald, analyst at Gartner, skills such as business analytics, mobile development etc is very difficult to be found in offshore locations.

    If an employee can prove that he or she possess those skills, then the likelihood of off shoring such jobs will not be easy for the organization.

  2. Try to be a part of the business

    It is the IT workers who face the risk of their jobs being outsourced. The IT workers should focus on more of business positions rather than pure tech roles. This will make them more important to the organization and it will reduce the risk of outsourcing their roles.

  3. Employees should focus on the industry and not the IT department.

    The employees should realize that work in an organization that is associated with an industry which different from IT. Employees usually think that they work in the IT sector.

    Realizing that one works in an industry different from IT will help them in understanding the industry better and the issues related to it.

  4. Use insider knowledge

    The employees in an organization will have knowledge about the working of the organization and about the issues. Employees should make use of this knowledge to fit into the business.

  5. Highlight the business impact

    The IT workers in the organization should prove that they are an integral part of the business and that they deliver more than just IT services. They should play larger roles that will help the organizations in achieving their objectives

  6. Promote self

    Often the IT department is considered as useless and a burden on the bottom line of the organization. This is the main reason why IT jobs are outsourced.

    The IT employees should themselves challenge this belief and show that they are an integral part of the business.

  7. Follow the business meetings

    The IT workers should have a better understanding of the business process. For this they should strictly follow business meetings and suggest measures that can be taken from the IT department.

  8. Say ‘yes’ to management

    IT employees should make sure that they are not associated with negative feed back. They should be able to say what is possible rather than what is not. Workers should bring out solutions rather than problems.

  9. Be responsive

    The IT workers should be quick in responding to problems. This will make an impression in the minds of the management that things will be done much faster in house than outsourcing.

  10. Opt for projects that require face to face interaction

    Projects that require face to face interaction cannot be outsourced as it requires interaction and building relation with customers. Such projects are not likely to be outsourced.

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