Things to Know about Call Centre Jobs

There are rapid changes happening in the IT industry in the present times. The current changes in the IT industry have totally transformed the manner in which the whole business is done. These changes have resulted in reducing the geographical barriers. Indian IT industry has secured a special place in the global outsourcing industry. The vast pool of talented and skilled IT workforce has been the major force behind this development at a global level.

The Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and ITES industry has got wide acclaims for its developments in the global front. The number of people who are looking forward to make a career in this industry is growing up with each passing year. For these people who are interested in a career in ITES industry needs to have a fair idea regarding how this industry functions.

IT enabled services industry supports a wide range of services including inbound and out bound calls, providing customer support through voice and web based calls, other back end operations such as E learning, Loan approval, insurance claims, Pay roll processing, medical claims etc. Companies engaged in higher end BPO business provides immense opportunities to aspirants mainly in areas of Research outsourcing such as customer analytics, equity research, market analysis or survey etc.

The major facets of call centre jobs are:

  • Higher Job Prospects – ITES industry worldwide is in a development phase. As per the study conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) the global ITES market will register revenue of US $1.2 trillion by the end of 2006. ITES sector mainly accounts for 88 percent of the India’s total exports. This industry generates jobs to many hundreds and thousands of youths in India. This figure is going to show a further increase in the coming years. The ITES /BPO industry is expected to generate some of the most challenging and significant business and the growth for the software and services domain in India is also looking up.

  • Skills – Even though the industry is generating higher job avenues, but for individuals who are planning for a career in this field for them it is not easy to get in to this industry. The individuals require certain skill sets. The aspirants need to have a good confidence level and they should have the ability to deal with the unfamiliar situations in an easy manner. Another most important skill which is needed in this job area is good communication skills. Excellent communication ability with a good accent, clear diction and an average voice quality is critical in this job. Knowledge of any foreign language will be an added advantage. This will ensure flexibility in communication with the customers or clients abroad. A call centre executive should have good multi tasking ability as well. Knowledge of the different product lines and company policy is also important. Ability to deal diplomatically with different customers in difficult situations also forms an important part of this job.

  • Rewarding Career – The pace at which the ITES industry is growing will definitely create higher opportunities to the skilled talents. Most of the candidates joining this industry do not take it up as a serious career avenue and take up jobs for making some quick money. Most of the people fail to analyze the opportunities associated with this sector and look for jobs which are more rewarding. There are other back end operations in areas such as HR, GIS, content development, financial services etc which requires high domain expertise. Individuals who work in this area will find their job to be more engaging and challenging. This will offer a stable career line.

  • Nature of work – This job will provide a professional environment for the workers. The job involves working for extended hours. A negative aspect of this job is that it involves routine and monotonous work style. This job requires lot of hard work so as to overcome the stress related to long and irregular working hours,.

  • Remuneration – Entry level, salary range will be between Rs 8000-12000 per month for a call centre executive. The salary of a team leader will be in the range of Rs 12,000-16,000 per month including incentives. An experience of 2-3 years will enable the candidates to earn a salary of up to Rs 25000 per month as a Customer Service Supervisor.    

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