Top 10 BPM exporting companies in India

NASSCOM, the apex body of Indian IT and BPM industry has released the list of top 15 BPM exporting companies in India for the year 2011-2012. NASSCOM has been ranking the top 15 BPM export companies in India for years.

The ranking is based on the annual survey conducted by NASSCOM every year. The apex body collects the financial data from the participating companies and other information like quality on the services delivered from the client companies. The BPM companies are then ranked based on the information collected.

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NASSCOM’s list only includes those companies that are either headquartered in India or have wide network of delivery centers in the country.

Below is the list of top 10 BPM exporting companies in India for the year 2011-2012.

  1. Genpact India Private limited: The business process management company which was started as unit of GE in 1997 is headquartered in Gurgaon.  In 2005, Genpact became an independent company to provide the expertise service to clients outside the GE family. Their BPM services include F&A, HR, procurement, legal, media and IT infrastructure services.
  2. TCS Consultancy Services:  Tata consultancy services, the IT/BPM arm of Tata Group is positioned as one of the top 10 technology firms in the world. Their service offerings include F&A, customer management, analytics, human resources, procurement, IT, cloud and engineering services.
  3. Aegis Ltd: The leading business process management service providers which were found 30 years ago in US is well known back office support services. Their BPM offerings include F&A, HR; spend management, customer relationship management and engineering services.
  4. Wipro: The Company which is headquartered in Bangalore was formed in the year 1945. Their BPM offerings include HR, procurement, order management, knowledge processing, F&A, CRM, technical and research/analytical services.
  5. First Source Solutions: First Source is a leading provider of customer management services. Their service offerings include customer management, collections and data processing.
  6. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Ltd: They are one of the leading business solutions companies that partners with global corporations to manage their business processes. Their services include F&A, procurement, IT and CRM services.
  7. WNS Global Services (P) Ltd:  They are one of the leading providers of business process management services and offer their services to 200+ global companies. Their service offerings include CRM, F&A, legal, procurement, analytics, risk management and transformation services.
  8. Infosys BPO:  Infosys BPO is a subsidiary of Infosys Limited and provides end to end business process solutions for the clients. Their BPM services include IT platforms, CRM, F&A, HR, legal processing, sales and procurement services.
  9. Serco Global Services Ltd: Serco began its operation in New Delhi in 1991 by providing back office services to clients overseas. Their business offerings include contact center services, back office, F&A, knowledge services and consulting.
  10. EXL Services:  EXL services which is headquartered in US started its operations in 1999. Their BPM services include collections, transaction processing, F&A, CRM and legal processing services.

You can view the ranking list here.


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