List of top 10 BPO companies for 2006-07

List of top 10 BPO companies for 2006-07

BPO Exports during 2006-07
Sl No Company  
1 Genpact Rs. 2,220 crore
2 Transworks Rs. 1,510 crore
3 IBM Daksh Rs. 1,260 crore
4 TCS BPO Rs. 1,107 crore
5 Cambridge Solutions Rs. 1,000 crore
6 WNS Global Services Rs. 990 crore
7 Wipro BPO Rs. 935 crore
8 Convergys India Rs. 890 crore
9 Firstsource Rs. 809 crore
10 HCL BPO Rs. 746 crore
Last Modified: August 21, 2007

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